RTV Power Tubes
76340 RTV Clear Watertight - Works inside and out, forming a barely visible watertight seal. Ideal for waterproofing. 
76350 RTV White Mildew-Resistant Sealant - Use in high-moisture areas such as tubs, sinks, plumbing fixtures, etc. Safe for most surfaces and finishes. 
76360 RTV Blue Gasket Maker - Works on: oil and transmission pans, therostat housings, hose connections, etc. Can't paint over. 
76370 RTV Red Heat-Resistance Sealant - For general purpose sealing and bonding in temperature ranges to 500 F continuously and 600 F intermittently. Use for fired heaters, flanged pipe joints, oven belts, duct work,etc. Non-acetic. 
76380 RTV Black Electrical Sealant - For electrical/electronic sealing where corrosion can be a problem. 400 volts per mil dielectric strength. Non-acetic.
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