ATB Wheel Brushes
Osborn provides a complete line of ATB Wheel Brushes including narrow and wide face, small ringlocks, and specialty treated configurations. The abrasive filaments eliminate the need for cleaning finished parts. ATB Wheel Brushes are excellent for use on both metallic and non-metallic surfaces.

Osborn's ATB composite hub wheel brushes are engineered to outperform the competition with the highest fill concentration on the market. Our manufacturing process produces a consistent brush face and superior balance for optimal performance.

These brushes are ideal for focused are work and are easily adaptable to standard shop equipment, highly specialized machinery, CNC machining centers, and robot work cells.
ATB Fascut - Agressive
ATB Composite - Flexible
ATB Master Wheel Brushes
ATB Monarch Wheel Brushes
ATB Ringlock Wheel Brushes
ATB Centerless Brushes
ATB Fascut - Flexible Sinjet
ATB Wheel Brushes
ATB Wheel Brushes