ATB Ceramic Filament
Osborn's Advance Technology Brushing (ATB) ceramic brushes are designed to work on the toughest of materials including: powdered metal, ductile iron, titanium, stainless steel, Inconel, and compact graphite iron. These materials when machined typically push a class 3 or 4 burr and have been problematic for typical Nylon Abrasive Filament (NAF) brushes.

Until now typical NAF brushes have only been truly effective on class 1 and 2 burrs. Our proprietary ATB "CG" filament now provides the "Osborn Solution" for class 3 and 4 burrs on materials with high hardness or high plasticity.
ATB Ceramic Master Wheels
ATB Ceramic Composite - Aggressive
ATB Ceramic Composite - Flexible
ATB Ceramic Ringlock
ATB Ceramic Bridled End Brush
ATB Ceramic UNI-LOK - Max Density
ATB Ceramic UNI-LOK - Turbo
ATB Ceramic UNI-LOK Quick Change
ATB Ceramic
ATB Ceramic