Sinjet Deburring Machine, Type 4B

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Technical description

The machine is fort he deburring of end mills and spur wheels and comprises a stand and a protective guard with covers.

The stand is fitted with a turntable to which the miling cutter is fastened pneumatically. The turntable rotates clockwise and/or counter-clockwise at max 32 rpm. The turntable is powered by a geared motor.

Around the circumference of the turntable there are for brush units fitted with silicon carbide brushes. Each brush unit is powered by a 2,2 kW electric motor with a frequency inverter.

The brush unites ca be adjusted by hand both laterally and for height. Each brush can be set to the desired angle.

The brush units are held in ball-and-groove guides. Maximum diameter of miling cutters that can be deburred with the machine is Ø400mm. Prepared for the use with automatic loading/unloading system.

Sinjet Deburring Machine, Type 4B

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Technical data


Dimensions (BxWxH): 2030 x 1340 x 2100
Weight: 220 kg
Numbers of stations: 4 or 3 (called 3B)
Max. Ø of workpiece: Ø 400mm
Min. Ø of workpiece: Ø 40mm
Type of brush: Sicanyl/steelwire
Max Ø of brush: Ø 280mm
Min. Ø of brush: Ø 170mm
Type of brushmotor: Asea MT 90 L
Brush Speed: 0-2500 rpm
Rotation of turntable: 0-32 rpm
Electric connection: trefas 400 V AC
Fuse: 25 A
Pneumatics: 6 bar