Sinjet Edge Honing Machine, Type C-48

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Technical description

The Sinjet Edge-Honer is ideal for all currently available types of inserts with all existing geometrical shapes. There us no restriction whatsoever on the size or shape of the edge being honed. The Sinjet Edge-Honer is unsurpassed when it comes to costsaving potential, output quality and capacity. Edge-honing cost per inser is often reduced tenfold, compared with conventional methods. And to top it all off, the Sinjet Edge-Honer is clean – and quiet.

- Costsaving method
- Every insert can be made within tolerances, scrapping of insers is almost non-existing
- High production rate
- Very clean working environment for the operation, both noise and dust at minimum levels
- Consistent quality of each insert, if you have long runs or short runs
- Easy to change from one type of insert to another
- The brushes are the tools, no additives required
- Can be equipped with robot arm for automation
- Extremly long lifetime of the brushes
- Almost any kind and shape of insert can be honed
- Both the shape and site of radius can be honed accurately
- Operator education is short and easy
- This machine is virtually maintenance free
- Both extremely small and large radiuses can be handled
- Insert fixtures can be changed quickly

Sinjet Edge Honing Machine, Type C-48

Download recordsheet C-48

Technical data


Base: 2030 x 1340 x 2100
Table: 220 kg
Capacity: 4 or 3 (called 3B)
Variables: Ø 400mm
Table size (pitch diameter): Ø 40mm
Number of spindles: Sicanyl/steelwire
Number of brushes: Ø 280mm
Length of brush: Ø 170mm
Required exhaust capacity: Asea MT 90 L
Max. Power consumption: 0-2500 rpm
Footprint: 0-32 rpm
Weight: trefas 400 V AC