Sinjet Edge Honing Machine, Type IBX-2

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Technical description

The machine is designed to edge hone inserts and other small components. The frame of the machine is a welded steel frame which makes the machine very rigid. The control system and electric components are placed in a separate electric cabinet.

The rotary table includes two spindles. One of the spindles is in loading/unloading position and the other one is in machining position. The table is driven by a pneumatic cylinder.

Both the brush and spindle movements are driven by servo drives. In total the machine has got four NC controlled axis. It is therefore possible to rotate or index components to certain positions to provide accurate honing.

One brush station perform the honing process. The brush spindle motor has got variable speed. Since the brush station is by NC it is possible to position the brush in any position and oscillate during the honing process. The station is guided by precision ball groove guide ways. The diameter of the brush is measured automatically inside the machine and compensates for wear of the brush.

The programming is easy with the help of graphic menus. The combination of a fully NC controlled machine, the graphic interface and the rigidity of the machine make the IBX-2 extremely versatile - even for inserts with uneven surface. The programs that have been created can be stored in the industrial windows based PC.

Sinjet Edge Honing Machine IBX-2

Download recordsheet IBX-2

Technical data

Parts: max height: 15 mm
max length: 40 mm
Table: 2x180 degr.
Number of brushes: 1
Number of spindles: 2
NC controlled axis: 4
Control system: Siemens, Industrial PC
Brush spindle motor: 2.2 KW controlled by frequency invertors
Brush dimensions: 200- 300 mm
width: 100 mm
Production capacity: Up to 300 inserts/hour
Cooling liquid: Oil emulsion
Weight of the machine: Approx 600 kg
Options: Integrated trimming equipment for automatic trimming of the brush. Cooling tank with pump and level sensors.
Separate, turnable, panel for controls and PC assembled on the machine itself.