Sinjet Edge Honing Machine, Type IBX-4XE

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Technical data


Number of spindles: 4 pcs with New clamping chucks and sperate servo driven spindle pairs
Number of brushes: 1 pcs, max Ø350mm
Cooling media: Oil emulsion
Brush motor: 3kW Frequency controlled
Table: Servo controlled 180° turn
Height adjustment: Servo motor, direct driven ball screw
Horizontal adjustment: Servo motor, direct driven ball screw
Spindle rotary drive: Servo motor
Human Machine Interface: Industrial PC alt. Graphical Operator panel
Cooling system: Siemens PLC and NC alt. Fanuc
Sperate electrical cabinet
Production capacity: ~ 600 pcs/h
Loading/Unloading: Manual by Operator
Prepaired for automation
Machine weight: ~ 1600 kg
Dimensions BxWxH: 1100 x 1400 x 1400 mm excl. cabinet


Sinjet Grinding/Polishing Machine for Robot Automation, Type BP-100

Download recordsheet IBX-4XE
Download drawing IBX-4
Download drawing IBX-4XE