Sinjet Tube polishing Machine, Type PBB-300

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Technical description

The PBB-300 is a planetary machine for polishing round tubes in materials as stainless, copper, brass and aluminium. It is capable of producing superior micro finishes using rotating and circulationg brushes.

The machine is designed to be the last part of a continous tube production line prior to cutoff. An optional feeder enables seperate placement. It is prepared to be connected to a central control system and it is supplied with start/stop and manual adjustment buttons.

The machine can be equipped with a control system as option.

Sinjet Tube polishing Machine, Type PBB-300

Download recordsheet PBB-300

Technical data


Tube diameter: Ø 15-80mm
Feed rate: 6m per minute
Coolant system: Ø 50mm tube
Brushes: Wet operation, built-in tank
Built-in temperature control coil
Splatter-proof enclosure
Brush motor: 2 pcs, Ø 305mm, width 102mm
Independent adjustment for each brush
Rotating motor: 1 pcs, 7,5 kW (2 brushes)
Floor to work center: 1 pcs, 3kW
Machine weight: ~ 950 kg
Dimensions (BxWxH): 1700 x 1100 x 2100mm