Sinjet Edge Honing Machine, Type RX-28

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Sinjet Edge Honing Machine, Type RX-28

Technical description  
The machine is designed for edge honing, polishing or de-burring of indexable inserts and other parts of diffrent forms.

Radii of hard metal indexable cutting tools cna be controlled very accurately. A rotary table that contains of 28 spindles is housed inside the machine. One part is manually placed on top of each spindle. The actual machining is done by three brushes as the rotary table and the spindles themselves are rotating. Serveral types of abrasives can be used in brushes.

Brushes can be adjusted in height and sideways. Automatic brush height compensation for brush wear. Individual spindle drive units at each brush station make it possible to use diffrent settings for spindle rotation speed and direction. All brushing stations are guided in ball and groove precision guides. Safety is guaranteed as the machine is totally enclosed.

The machine is controlled by an electronic controll system and uses an operator's panel as HMI (Human Machine Interface). Easy maintenance with access trough hatches.

IBX 12

Technical data
No. of spindles: 28 pcs
No. of brushes: 3 pcs
Cooling liquid: Cutting oil or Oil emulsion
Brush motors: 4kW, frequency controlled
Rotary table motor: Servo motor
Height adjustment: AC motor
Horiz. adjustment: By hand wheel
Spindle rotary drive: AC motors, frequency controlled
HMI: Operators panel
Control system: Electronic PLC system with
enclosed cabinet
Table roat. speed: Up to 2000 spindles per hour
Loading/unloading: Manual by operator
Machine weight: About 1800 kg
Part max size: 45 mm
Dimensions LxWxH: 1900 x 1500 x 2000 mm

Osborn wheel brushes are used for various surface treatments such as rust-removal, de-burring, honing, welding, buffing, cleaning, rough polishing, etc. The brushes are suitable for both stationary and hand machines.
Wheel brushes provide high productivity and flexibility at low cost. The brush material and size are adapted to both machine and intended use.

Download recordsheet RX-28