Sinjet Steel Sheet Cleaning Machine, Type TBM-3

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Sinjet Steel Sheet Cleaning Machine, Type TBM-3

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Technical data


Dimensions (LxWxH): 8814 x 3015 x 4767
Weight: 19000 kg
Brush motor effect: 4x22 kW
Number of Roller brushes: 4 pcs, from which one Roller brush has separate exhaust
Brush motor rotation: 750 rpm / brushing is done at approx. 600 rpm
Driving of movements up/down: Ball screw Ø 32mm. Motors are mounted on linear guides
Motor effect up/down: 2,2 kW motors with breaks
Openable sliding doors: 80 mm from the conveyor up to more than 1000mm
Driven by Ø 100mm cylinders with stoke 1150mm
Converyor sliding doors: Along the whole machine
Connections for exhaust: 2 pcs on the upper side of the machine and 1 pc for separate brush