Sinjet Engine Cylinder Head Surface Finishing Machine, Type VBM-275

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Technical description

Surface prepation of aluminium engine-blocks and cylinder heads

- Better sealing function
- Higher compression
- Less material

Roller conveyor with fixturing of the part during the brush cycle. The brush unit is placed on a horizontal slide that goes bach and forth over the part. Brush direction can be changed +30° during the cycle by turning the vertical shaft of the unit.

The horizontal shaft of the fixturing unit can be turned 180°, to be able to empty liquid and possible residues after the brushing. Is this position there is also a cleaning of the part.

Sinjet Engine Cylinder Head Surface Finishing Machine, Type VBM-275

Download recordsheet VBM-275

Technical data


Dimensions (LxWxH): 2634 x 1260 x 2262
Brush motor: 5,5 kW, frequency controlled, 0-3000 rpm
Brush: 1 pc, outer diam = 275mm, L = 340mm
Drining of the brush units movements  
Horizontal and vertical traversing: Servo motors with vall screw
Turning of unit: Servo motor
Speed of the roller conveyor: 7m/min.
Part locking on the fixturing unit: Pneumatic
Turning roration of the fixturing unit: Pnematic by turning cylinder
Doors in/out: Pneumatic controlled
Cleaing of part:: 4 pcs blowing nozzles
Electrical equipment  
Electrical cabinet: Separatly placed
PLC-guidance: Siemens
Cycle time: 80-90 sec./part