Osborn JacksonLea LeaSpray HP Spray Gun

Osborn JacksonLea LeaSpray™ HP high pressure spray gun

Jackson Lea has been the leader in the manufacture and sale of high quality liquid compounds for the finishing industry. We offer liquid formulas with excellent performance and value for our finishing partners. The Osborn JacksonLea team valued customer feedback and loyalty and decided to manufacture our very own high pressure spray gun with input from customers along with our many years of “hands-on” buffing and polishing experience and knowledge. The result is a spray gun that operates with less downtime when installed with recommended filtration, and is compatible with all liquid compounds to support all liquid compound requirements.

LeaSpray HP Spray gun

Using JacksonLea LeaSpray™ HP high pressure spray gun means more precise control and management. It allows customers to use less liquid compound per part, less compound per day, less compound per year. The complete spray head was designed for smoother internal flow of compound and with longer wear resistance against all types of abrasive buffing compounds. The complete spray head can also be interchanged with other types of similar high pressure, non-atomizing style spray guns using the same thread.

Our high pressure spray gun is designed and engineered to deliver liquid compounds to the buffing wheel in the most efficient manner possible. It’s made with machined parts to exact tolerances. It can be setup to deliver sprays of compound in either fully adjustable mode from 0 to 6 cc per spray or non-adjustable mode at a consistent 3 cc. Our design is non-atomizing, which means no air mixes in the spray gun and only sprays liquid compound. Because of this, it is able to spray compound directly through the air turbulence of a spinning buffing wheel in several optional nozzle angles including 20°, 40°, 65°, 90°, and 120°.   

LeaSpray HP Spray gun